Simple particle collision detection in shader.

Hi all,

I need to write a very simple 2D particle collision detector for my cross-platform CAD package LiquidPCB.

I have never done any GPU programming before, and am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options. (GLSL, Cg, OpenCL, CUDA, Brook, etc.).

Could anyone give me a suggestion of a good direction to take? Many thanks in advance.


Personally I’d take a look at The Orange Book, and it’s associated web site.

I am sure they have a confetti cannon example on the GPU, and you could probably adapt that for collision also…

In any case both the book and the web site will give you a good source of info.

The Lighthouse3D site also has some nice info on how to setup shaders in OpenGL.

I am obviously advocating GLSL here. That’s my personal choice, but I also think it’s probably going to be the best one for you to get info on, and use moving forward.