simple modeller


I’m searching a simple program that allows me to export my scene in an openGL readable form.

Thanks for your help…

Unlike DirectX’s .X format, OpenGL has no native model format, nor does it have (at least up to 1.4) a native “scene” format. Searching for such a program would undoubtly be a waste of time.

OpenGL is just a way for programmers to draw objects to the screen without having to worry about the nuances of each video card available. It does not (nor should it, IMO) have the understanding of a “scene”, or a “model”. That’s more code which could be better implemented on a “per program” basis, or in a third party library. After all, not all OpenGL programs need 3D rendering. Baldur’s Gate II is a good example. It uses OpenGL for it’s blending functionality and it’s 2D acceleration.

If you want to implement some scene format, take a look around. XML is a popular choice because it’s <adjective type=“very”/> <adjective type=“nearly”/> readable. :slight_smile: You’ll have to parse it out or compile it into byte code, which woud be easier to extract into data. All in all, though, you’ll have to do some work on rendering the scene.

I am not exactly sure if this is what you are looking for but I have a simple modeler that allows you to interactively create scenes using spheres, cubes, cylinders, cones and NURB surfaces of revolution and extrusion. You can then export the scene either as an OpenGL program or as a RenderMan rib file. The url is I am planning on putting up a better version in a couple of weeks which will allow more of a choice of NURBS and will support textures.