simple example required

I need a simple c++ example of how to load a skinned mesh using collada dom.
Ideally just console app, without MFC.

please check out COLLADA RT on sourceforge.

Thanks for the answer.
Is that the only example available?

captainfreedom, I am trying to find the same thing, I came across another one made by as part of a thesis, even though it’s using OpenGL, it relies a lot on MFC and FCollada: … _id=450761
the COLLADA RT as suggested by remi seems to be available only for Linux and Windows but not for Mac, which it’s a real pity knowing that it makes use of the GLUT framework that is natively available on a Mac…

// Check my latest tutorial for COLLADA DOM under Leopard:

The COLLADA DOM builds on the mac, I don’t think we’ve ever built RT for the Mac, but I don’t think it would be too hard to get it going. I know the code is pretty portable (it builds on the PS3 too).