Simple call list problem

I can’t figure out why one of two display lists is drawing slow. Whichever list is called second will draw at half the frame rate.

GLuint call_lists[10];
GLuint call_list = 0;


void renderScene(void) {
	//if current_obj is 0 by default, then 1 will
	//draw at half the frame rate and vice versa

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	mesh_obj[0] = glGenLists(1);
	glNewList(mesh_obj[0], GL_COMPILE);

	mesh_obj[1] = glGenLists(1);
	glNewList(mesh_obj[1], GL_COMPILE);
	drawTerrain();//same draw function for test

Thought I’d mention indexed vertex arrays (VBOs) as an alternative for drawing terrains, or for pretty much everything for that matter…

I just want to make it clear to any passers-by that only one display list is being drawn at a time. If you read my original post without looking at the code I might sound like an idiot. :smiley:

Thanks Hlz, maybe I should use vertex arrays, it would probably make the program load faster on start up.

Yeah, I think you’ll dig VBO’s. They’re suprisingly easy to use, and they make quick work of terrains.