Simple ARB_multisample example

Does anyone know where I can find a simple Glut + C example of using ARB_multisample. I’ve been through all the NVIDIA docs and the Pixel Format 1.0 example code but it makes little sense to me. I’ve tried google and not found anything.

GLUT would need to be updated to support WGL_ARB_pixel_format and multisample, wouldn’t it?

Or do you mean GL_ARB_multisample?

I mean GL_ARB_MULTISAMPLE, so I can control FSAA within my app.

I searched this forum and noticed you provided a link to some source code for that extension, but the link seems to be down now.

Well, multisampling would require a multisample pixel format, so I don’t think GLUT would work. However, I do have (as you said) some source code for doing multisample, you can get that here: (that should work…)

But that code is for WGL_ARB_multisample, not GL_ARB_multisample (the GL extension controls for the sample buffers blend together, right? the WGL extensions only gets you the pixel format).

Thanks, that’s great.