Simple Animation Params

I’m trying to write a COLLADA file exporter incorporating simple animations (translate, rotate, scale), but default settings tucked away inside FCollada’s XML output routines appear to be causing animations to fail (e.g. even when values manifestly change over time in my output file’s XML float arrays, key-values are being reread as uniform and animation is frozen).

In searching for the problem, I note that using FCDAnimationCurve, it does not appear possible to set a value for an interpolation source’s technique>>accessor>>param name, which defaults simply to “INTERPOLATION”. In sample files generated using COLLADA-Max, this parameter name is the same as that of its associated float value source. How was this correspondence set? I’ve tried using SetTargetQualifier(), but to no avail.

IF you have a question regarding Feeling Software tools (COLLADAMax, COLLADAMaya, FCOLLADA, Feeling viewer), it would be better to post the question on their forum or their bug tracker.