Simple (and probably dumb) question about COLLADA animation


The astro boy sample apparently has a single walk animation in it (astroBoy_walk.dae) but I found it unusual that the animation data was not identifiable as belonging to a monikered animation with an obvious name (such as ‘walk.’)

When a COLLADA file with multiple animations, such as ‘walk’ and ‘wave’, is exported - how are the keyframes for the different animations differentiated from each other?

Would there be an extra attribute on the <animation> element?

Is it combined as part of the source/sampler/channel IDs (presumably)? (In which case, the animation in astroyBoy_walk.dae has no name assigned to it…?)

Anyone happen to have a triangulated, baked matrix, dae file with multiple skeletal animations in it? How is it differentiated in your COLLADA file?



Sigh, don’t know how I missed this when looking before, but I presume there’s an animation_clip element added. Anyone have a sample dae file lying around with animation_clip element(s) in it I could see?



The animation element can have id and name attributes. It can also have an asset element.

The animation_clip element organizes animations (also with id, name, and asset).