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Heard of OpenGL. Was told it can help draw interactive maps and stuff.

I am doing my project which requires me to interact graphs/maps especially contours drawn from various math functions -2D/3D and 4D (max dims). Thus, f(x,y); f(x,y,z); f(w,x,y,z). So start with - here is what I have:

-Results of the search of functions f(x,y) from x=i,y=i over n steps to f(x,y)=0 at x=whatever, y=whatever. Now, what I want to do is be able to select the start point interactively, show the search path on the maps and whole lot of things from the interaction.

-I hope this is a good picture of my dilemna. I cant’ just imagine how to do it from scratch. By the way I’m coding in VC++ 6.0 (and know abit of MFC).

Please tell me where/how to start GL.
Many thanks.

Check the tutorial link section on this site. Nehe has an especially wide range of tutorials, one of which happens to be drawing a terrain.

gmeed’s right

NeHe web page

Thanks guys - I’m on it and will see you soon when I need more help.