signaling glutmainloop from a separate thread

do any of you know how to call a glut callback, aka glutpostredisplay from a separate thread, as far as I can tell, you just cant call it. Is there any way to signal the glutMainLoop from something else

for all you Qt guys, this would be the equivalent of qtpostevent, ie posting an event on the main event loop from a different thread

the prog I am using this for basically takes in data extremely fast from a device, and then displays it in 3D, in one thread i am taking care of teh data, then there is the main program with teh main event loop in it

right now, my glut idle func is set to the drawing method, but because of that, it calls it to many times a second, i only really need it called when there is a full frame of data. i have tried making the data collection function the idlefunc, but that does work, it freezes after a few seconds.

oh yeah, all the data should be thread safe, im using teh STL swap to syncronize everything, and an incredibly smart programer told me that swap()is atomic.

thanks for any help you guys got.

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