SIGGRAPH 2005 - Los Angeles - August 3rd, 2005

Sony Computer Entertainment is sponsoring a Tech Talk at SIGGRAPH 2005 in Los Angeles

COLLADA: An open Digital Asset Exchange Schema for the Interactive 3D Industry

Sony Computer Entertainment
Wednesday, 3 August, 1 - 3 pm
Hall J, Room 1

A lot has happened with COLLADA since its introduction at SIGGRAPH 2004. COLLADA has grown stronger in usability, quality, and feature-set. This year, we will talk about the conformance test suite, the COLLADA API, the enhanced exporters and importers, new features, and in particular: COLLADA FX, a cross-platform (Cg, CgFX, GLSL, HLSL, FX) shader effects format.

We hope to see you all there!

Here are the slides from the Tech Talk at Siggraph.

The COLLADA Show @ Siggraph 2005