shut off vsync with geforce2

i have a geforce2 graphics card and i just downloaded all the new drivers…i want to shut off vsync but i dont have an opengl tab in settings>advanced>geforce2 mx/mx400 but then there is no opengl option after this…please help

When you say “i just downloaded all the new drivers”, does that mean you went to and downloaded THE new drivers? Or that you used Windows Update?

If you used Windows Update, you do not have the latest driver. You have whatever crud passes out of M$ these days.

actually first i while i was looking for the open gl tab, i clicked on drivers and then clicked on update drivers, which changed a bunch of things…then i went to nvidia and downloaded drivers from there which further changed it…but i think i might have found what i need i just dont know what it means…but i would need to post a screen shot…or…i could just describe it…there is a tab that says refresh rate overrides, then it says “click ‘override refresh rates’ to select refresh rate overrides to be used in Direct3D applications”, it then has a box where “applications control refresh rate” is checked, then there is another box with a list underneath it, there are 5 columns, 8bit, 16bit, 32bit, resolution and refresh rate, the bits all have checks underneath them, the resolutions have different resolutions and the refresh rate all say default…what all this means i have no idea…