Shut Down problem in windows 2000 when OGL view created ???

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this…

My MDI application is to create and display the 3D objects.I use wgl functions for rendering.The 3D object is created from large number of 2D images.After displaying the 3D object in a window ,when the 2D picture is Zoom in then system get restarted.If zoom in the 2D image beforte 3D creation no problem.

What is the cause for this ?? Any wgl functions issue or if it is any mismatch of nvoglnt Dll or any other dll’s.

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You’re obviously running an ‘NT based’ Windows OS. Instead of bluescreening, those operating systems reboot the system by default.

Disabling the automatic rebooting will help you find out more about the fatal system error you’re encountering. To do this, uncheck ‘Automatically Restart’ in System Properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery.

Posting the contents of the BSOD here would help.

Thanx Lighthouse.
I uncheck the reboot automatically option from the system properties.Then instead of rebooting it shows the message “KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED”.It shows the NV4_disp.dll name also.

I used NVIDIA RIVA TNT2Model64/Model64 Pro 32MB AGP card.

I used GDI functions for 2D display and OGL functions for 3D display.

The reboot issue is if any of GDI Driver and OGL driver mismatch ??

This may be related to your own memory management. For example, I can easily cause a crash in my display drivers (if I want to do that anyway) just by having gl pull data out of a memory location my app doesn’t own -> general protection fault. What this particular exception is, I have no idea, but maybe you should go back a few steps and check where and how you allocate/deallocate memory. Maybe you free() your image buffers after creating the textures or something like that …