Short freeze on application startup with GLX 1.2

I’ve been developing a game using GLX 1.3 for a few months. However, after discovering that Mesa only supports GLX 1.2, I decided to rewrite that portion of the code with the earlier version. Then I ran into a problem: during rendering the first frame, the game freezes for a few seconds. And not only the game, but the whole system as far as I can tell (music stops, cursor doesn’t move). After that it operates at normal speed. After a bit of experimentation I discovered that if I pass CopyFromParent as visual for XCreateWindow the freeze doesn’t occur, but that only works if my requested visual is reasonably close to the root window’s visual (which it normally isn’t). Any ideas what might be wrong?

I’m using GeForce 6600 Go with 100.14.09 drivers and Xorg 7.2.

So far I haven’t been able to produce a simple program that exhibits the problem, and I can’t release the game’s code yet since I intend to take part in a comptition with it (entries must be previously unreleased). I haven’t tried it on other hardware either yet. I’ll continue investigating this tomorrow, but any ideas are welcome.

Well, it seems that the problem doesn’t appear anymore now that my laptop was powered off over the night. I’m still curious of what caused the problem though…

Laptop video cards can throttle their power according to battery level and AC power, maybe it is related ?

I doubt it, since the laptop was on AC power (I don’t even have the battery in unless I’m working on the move). Also, the performance after the initial hiccup didn’t seem to be affected, and the game makes pretty heavy use of shaders for procedural texturing.

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