Shoemake's Mysterious Translation Controller

I am digging deep here: 999 times out of a thousand I can eventually find the information I need without posting on forum(s) [looks like I must be upto the tolerance level of a thousand :)]

Since a single mouse position has only two degrees of
freedom, a pair of positions—the ends of an arc—are used.
This part of Arcball has wider applicability, including a
translation controller to be described in a future paper.

From: “ARCBALL: a user interface for specifying three-dimensional orientation using a mouse”,Ken Shoemake,September 1992,Proceedings of the conference on Graphics interface '92

1992, 16 long years ago.

This is about the mysterious ‘translation controller to be described in a future paper’. Does anybody know if that future paper materialised over the last 16 years?

The last cited Shoemake paper I could find was: “Arcball rotation control”,Ken Shoemake, August 1994 Graphics gems IV. And most of his other papers seem to diverge into the discipline of animation.

My conclusion so far is that Shoemake never got around to doing that ‘translation controller’ paper, or my understanding of that term is different to what he meant.


Does anyone know of published works/papers by other authors that continued in Shoemake’s footsteps towards describing a translation controller. Just to clarify: A brief description of my understanding of ‘translation controller’ can be found in my post(s) at

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