Shininess Bound to texture

Hallo forum this is my first question

I read that under common profile, the shininess is a float parameter, not a texture one.
It is however very well possible to bind the shininess to a texture.
With respect to physically bars lighting, it is even more likely that shininess (aka surface roughness) is textured, than the specular color, which is almost a constant for all dielectrics.

1 what is the correct way of expressing such a relationship in collada
2. Would someone with access to 3ds max kindly try this out and report what it is actually exporting

Thanks in advance

Neither profile_common phong or blinn support this in the current specifications.

You have 2 options…

  1. segment your mesh so that regions with different shininess receive different materials.

  2. You would need to use profile_bridge, profile_glsl, profile_gles2, profile_CG or use your own <extra> to extend profile_common and add your extension.