Shifting to OPENGL core profile

I’ve been looking into transitioning OpenGL to its core profile to update it to version 4.0 for tessellation shader support. After a week of research, I’ve found that the gl3w library seems promising for this task. Do we need to include the entire gl3w repository to make it work, and what other steps are necessary?
@Alfonse_Reinheart Can you help me with it. Sorry if this question seems very silly to you but trust me I have given weeks in order to find it out, still not getting any clear answers for this:)


You can use Glad generator, web version site: select gl 4.0, profile core and check options header only, loader, and merge. and download only one header file gl.h. can rename to gl40.h.
In code do once

#include <gl.h>

other includes without define.
Last step load functions, example with glfw gladLoadGL(glfwGetProcAddress);

Thanks so much @alecss131 . I think I got the steps you mentioned. Just a quick question, do those steps involve using the gl3w library? I need to stick to using that library specifically, so I’m a bit confused if the steps you outlined are compatible with it.