Sharing Texture,FBO,VBO,GLSL objs in OGL 2 & OGL 3

according to MSDN ( we can share display lists between two or more OpenGL rendering contexts, is there a way to share also other objects like Textures, FBOs, VBOs, GLSL objects etc. using the current OpenGL 2?

Does anyone knows anything about it with respect to OpenGL 3?
As far as we know from the OpenGL Pipeline, there will be an overall review of the so called “object model”, hopefully they are making it easy/possible to reuse those objects across different OpenGL contexts especially for those that will contain texture and vertex data, which can take a large amount of memory.


Yes, this objects are shared just like display lists in current GL (they all share the same name space). So if you share two lists, all objects (liek DL, textures etc.) will be visible to both.

AFAIK in GL3 it will be possible to share individual objects. But as we still got no spec… :frowning:

Thanks Zengar,
so if I got it right in OGL 2 I can only “share” those objects if they are called by shared DL? or it means that if I call wglShareLists() automatically all the Textures, VBOs etc. will be shared between the two contexts even if they are not referenced in any DL (in this case the function name is quite misleading)?


Yes, the function name is missleading but AFAIK textures and any other objects will be shared for the contexts not just display lists. The also don’t have to be “called” by the display list to be shared.

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Trenki, tanks for the clarification, a part from the misleading name this makes much more sense :slight_smile: