Hi, anyone knows where can i get some source code of shadow volumes to look at ? I’ve already looked at “Infinit Shadow Volumes” by Cass and Kilgard but after that my problem persists. Anyone ?

Thanks, bye

There are a few different shadow volume demos on nvidia’s site that has been there long before that great paper you mentioned. On the main page there is a source port of quake that uses shadow volumes and the source is there too. I’ve looked at the source a while back and it’s great. What exactly are your problems? Maybe we can help?


well, following the paper i got shadow volumes working in one weekend. as i think you’re the same whatever i know yet, you could contact me, i could give you some help possibly…

You might want to take a look at my StencilShadows demo (with source).

Nehe has a stencil shadow tutorial, which I found easy to follow. I then converted it to use the infinite shadow volumes.

Hi guys, thanks for your answers, i’ve checked neHe tutorials and it is really easy to follow, i’ll try it just like nehe tutorial and then i’m going to try to convert it to infinite shadow volumes.