Shadow Volumes on MD3 models problem.

I have a problem when i am trying to add shadow volumes in md3 models.

I get the shadow but i also see an other “shadow” but this “other shadow” moves while I move the camera.

also this “other shadow” looks more correct when i play with the infinity distance value.
the real shadow i thing is correct(int the screenshots i have not multiply the shadow with the object matrix and it looks wrong but i dont think it is. the problem is why i get this moving shadow).

I use the same algorithm for other 3ds objects and it is working correctly.
But this algorithm is for convex meshes.
in the example i cast shadow volumes for player “anarki” of quake3 Arena. And it looks convex. I also test an other model (sponge bob square pants) and i dont have this problem.
the third model I have checked has this problem…
what may be wrong?

anyone has ever try to add shadow volumes on md3 models?

here is the two screenshots. if the url is not warking check it at next month cause the bandwidth limit of the server is almost full

thanks in advance.

Should you be using the modelview matrix complete with viewing transformation on top or do you just want the modelling matrix?