Shadow Texture not smooth

Hey guys, I had this problem before and managed to solve it however doing the same steps I cannot solve it this time, so I ask you again if you have any idea why these textures are not coming out smooth.

I don’t know what code to provide, so tell me what you need or I can post the whole main.cpp

it looks like the texture is unfiltered, just turn on linear filtering and it might get better

I am using gl_NEAREST right now, I cannot use anything else due to the fact that im using GL_FLOAT (32F) so they do not support hardware filtering for speed.

then you have to do it within your shader manually

How do I go about doing this in a shader??
EDIT: also just switched everything to GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE with GL_LINEAR, and the same thing happens

So its not letting me edit my last post, but heres what I have now, and the error still exist.

Depht map, GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL_LINEAR, GL_FLOAT (not erroring now, so idk…)
vsm_tex (stores the moments),GL_RGBA, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR, GL_FLOAT
blur (vsm_tex with a 3x3 blur), GL_RGBA, GL_LINEAR, GL_FLOAT

all are using GL_CLAMP…

I am completely lost -_-

Perhaps increase the depth precision?

The gpu should use the highest precision possible already…