Shadow Mapping


I’ve successfully implemented shadow mapping into my OpenGL demo.

However, is there a way of performing shadow mapping with using OpenGL extensions?

The manner in which I’ve done this has been to use the GLEE_ARB_depth_texture and GLEE_ARB_shadow extensions. (Obviously with the GLee implementation…)

How were shadows (depth map comparisons) peformed in ye olde days?

Thanks for your help in advance!

You mean “performing shadow mapping without using OpenGL extensions” ?


it was, and still done efficiently, blending textures and texture coordinates transformations:

I’ve based my own shadow mapping demo on the paulsprojects link you’ve posted above - but even this demo uses OpenGL extensions to copy from the depth buffer and perform depth buffer to depth texture comparisons…

I’m looking at writing shadow maps in a way that doesn’t use any OpenGL extensions like this.