Shadow Map - direct light

Hello, I’m beginning with OpenGL ES 2.0 for the Android platform. I want to implement shadowmapping with direct light - I am using orthographic view for that however the problem is I cannot handle it (the shadow doesn’t appear right). When I change the matrix to perspective the shadow works ok. PLEASE HELP.

Details (zipped files attached):

  • - a file with the JAVA code. It is a LibGDX framework I’m using however I think it’s really easy to read from OpenGL perspective (treat it as a pseudo-code).

  • ShadowMap.png - is the actual shadow map I have rendered (I just commented out FrameBuffer and the final render piece of code).

  • FinalRender.png is the render I’m getting. The blue part is the shadow (it’s blue because I the fragment shader I modify only one piece of RGB). Why am I not getting proper shadow cast by the monkey?? ShadowMap looks ok, doesn’t it?

  • SceneLayout.png - just a screenshot from Blender to show how the meshes look (monkey and plane).

  • shaders

PLEASE HELP ME - I have spent already 2 weeks on that and still cannot find the issue.