Shadow/light Mapping

Does anyone know where I can get tutorials on Shadow and/or Light Mapping?

Thanx in advance,

Daniel Palomo van Es.

Ps. I know there is one in the news page of, but it is japanese comented, my japanese is not so good today

Well, here are the 3 links I found most useful…


And for relevant 3D info and equations:

I hope that helps out!
Good luck, and invest in some coffee for your long hours ahead!

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Not sure how broad of support you are looking for, but I recently put up an article that covered shadow mapping on nVidia GeForce cards. The article is located at:

Addmitedly, the article mostly covers per pixel lighting, but shadow mapping is covered closer to the bottom, though it is a bit more complex variation of it.

Another good source is on the nVidia developers site. I think that demo might even support some non-Geforce cards (just checked, yes it does). This demo can be found at: 2568930066367E

there are some good articles on the topic elsewhere on thier site (try looking under “white papers” in the developer section).

Good luck

P.S. OK, after posting, it just occurred to me that you might be talking about static lightmapping/shadowmapping. If thats the case, sorry. I guess I’ve just been really caught up in dynamic lighting and shadowing lately and I kinda forgot there was anything else :slight_smile:

Ron Frazier

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Thank you all,

Daniel Palomo van Es

The basic idea behind a shadow map is to render the scene from the perspective of the light source into a buffer not unlike a z-buffer. Now each pixel in the buffer stores the distance to the light source. This buffer is called a shadow map.

Then you render the scene from the camera using only ambient lighting. The values in the shadow map are compared with the z-buffer values. This means you do not need to render lighting, texturing or color values in this pass. Some problems occur with this method though: your shadows will appear blocky if your buffer depth is not high enough.