Shaders and non-shader lighting

Hi all,

I’ve set up a vertex shader to perform deformations of a model stored in a vertex buffer object. I am currently lighting the model using the tradtional OpenGL approach (glEnable(GL_LIGHTING) etc…).

When the shader (I’m using CG btw) is enabled all of my lighting seemed to be ignored in exchange for cyan colour. What I’d really like to to have a shader that takes the colour values calcualted from the OpenGL lights and then passes it on un-touched.

Here is my shader, that doesn’t work:

struct appdata 
	float4 position : POSITION;
	float4 color	: COLOR0;

struct vfconn
	float4 HPos	: POSITION;
	float4 Col0	: COLOR0;

vfconn main(appdata IN,	uniform float4x4 modelViewProj)
	vfconn OUT;

	OUT.HPos = mul(modelViewProj, IN.position); =;

	return OUT;

My question is therefore, is it possible to get this functionality, or if I go down the shader route will I have to write my lighting using shaders. If it is possible however, what am I doing wrong.

Thanks for all your help in advance,


yes you need to write your own lighting code, or recycle someone elses

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