Shader tutorial for OpenGL 2.1

Hi all,

I have a uni assignment that requires me to create an animation using OpenGL 2.1, and I was contemplating using the shader functionality to make it more interesting and photo-realistic (to the best degree possible with OGL 2.1). However, since we are limited to such an obsolete version of OGL it’s hard to find any decent resources around that assist with implementing such a restricted design.

So, does anyone know of any resources available that could help me with this assignment? Source code to reverse engineer, tutorials, reference code or anything would really help.



for basic understanding you may start here:

And if you wanne find input for the OLD way of shaders ( 2.1 ) look for opengl ES 2.0 examples …
you will find many and its what you can use in 2.1.


Thanks for the help. I’ll get reading