Shader Feedback Loop?

Can I create iterative pixel-art programs

(like the gurus at create)

in OPENGL? I’d like to code a Fragment shader that renders a texture to the framebuffer, then save the framebuffer back in the texture so I can iterate it on the next frame.

Or? Is there a standard way to do what I’m describing?

-Eager artist, Taif.

ping-pong. That’s how it’s done.

taifunbrowser, the most efficient way is to create a framebuffer object and direclty render to texture.

You need to create two textures, one texture input sampled in the fragment shader, the other attached to a framebuffer object as texture output. Then switch between the two texture for the next iteration. (that’s what Ilian meant IMO).

You can also map the rendered texture on a fullscreen quad to display the processing iterations interactively.