Shader Centric Projection Rejection

Is it reasonable for exploration purposes to construct a
projection matrix
within the vertex shader? My projection gets a rejection during rendering.
My projection matrix does not meet my expection during rendering. It does something. I just cannot tell what.
Am I missing some obvious pieces of the opengl picture?
I am trying to see how expressive the shader can be. So I am transforming there.

	glutInitContextVersion(4, 2); Show_GL_Error();
	glutInitContextFlags(GLUT_CORE_PROFILE | GLUT_DEBUG);
	glutInitContextProfile(GLUT_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE); //Show_GL_Error();

//vertex shader
mat4 perspective =
	{(2 *near)/(right - left), 0,0,0},
	{0, (2 * near)/(top-bottom), 0,0},
	{2*(right+left)/(right-left),2*(top+bottom)/(top-bottom), -(far + near)/(far-near), -1},
this works for rotation
    gl_Position =     trans * scale * roty  * vPosition;
this gives me unexpected results
    gl_Position =   perspective *  trans * scale * roty  * vPosition;

What does work
Viewing and rotating various meshes exported from Blender 3D.