shade object

anyone know how do i shade an object i have drawn?
i have my object in wire frame. i wish to change it to display shaded object by using quad but i am not sure how to do that
can any one suggest a place i can reference or give some tips please?

Basics on lighting are in OpenGL super Bible ( the red book ).

u mean the red book in sgi opengl website?

can i ask for permission to send u my code to your email? i mean complete code

I think he means converting his wireframe object to a solid object. If you are drawing your object with GL_LINES, then you might run into some trouble. However, if you ARE drawing your object as a solid, and just making it wireframe using glPolygonMode(]GL_FRONT,GL_BACK,GL_FRONT_AND_BACK],GL_LINE), then you can make it solid again by using glPolygonMode(]GL_FRONT,GL_BACK,GL_FRONT_AND_BACK],GL_FILL)