SGI's RGB read_texture function: Public domain?

Does anyone know if the texture.h/texture.c code that is used with the SGI demos (circa 92) are considered public domain? All of the copies that I have run across don’t have a heading indicating their status.

I’d like to use them in a commercial (not for sale, but for internal use at the company I work at) application.

Though I’ve worked with TGA loading code and bitmap code, I prefer the RGB file format (as that there are almost zero editors out there that still support the format).

Anyone know the status of that code, or if Mark Kilgard or someone is still maintaining it?



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David Blythe was the maintainer of the code originally, at SGI.

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Well, I certainly know that Mark Kilgard is not maintaining that code any more. He has plenty of other, more important stuff to do.

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