SGI 320 Win NT opengl Quake III, GTK Radiant

okok hi folks, my 1st post,

Names Greg, Skin’s my Quake handle, I’ve got an SGI 320 on NT. Now as I understand things opengl is built into this system, hard coded into the cobalt chipset?

NEways ive got a few bugs and glitches I’m trying to clear up…

Question 1.
for the SGI320

other than SGi’s opengl download is there anything else I can install, update, overrite with newer or more functional opengl material?

question 2.
for GTKRadiant i’ve got a strange little problem just crop up when I reinstalled it, I was given the “texture compression is not supported by your current graphic card/drivers” error. BULL! lol help!

i’ve got no cards and I’m sure that texture compression IS available so have I removed a regkey or something ?

Question 3.
Multitexturing!!! I am sure multitexturing works as i see it in QuakeIII gameplay but upon booting quake I get a few odd errors like disabled opengl extensions…

See I want this system to rock like it should, but damn SGI had to go and discontinue the 320, what a dumb decision.

I’ve een all over the place reading lotsof stuff abut the 320 but there is no one stop comprehensive opengl/cobalt chipset optimization site. Plz help me!


ok, i’ve done a windows NT repair this morning, using BOTH SGI repair disks, I thought that would fix my Radiant problem but alas no.

It’s funny tho, I can play quake and get my normal ping with regular motion rates and fps, (my normals anyway)

BUT when i open GTKRadiant now I’m unable to navigate in the texture window (even in a small scene) without TONS of LAG. before the occurrance of this problem I could move around the cameras in a WHOLE map fully textured with all items wireframe/textured on! How the heck did I go from being able to do that, to this lame slow motion jump from a-b in cam window?

TEXTURE COMPRESSION NOT SUPPORTED??? on an SGI 320??? It was the other day! HELP!!!

I’m trying to stop short of having to reformat and reinstall my whole system if at all possible.


further to this i ran the OpenGL check v4.00.101 and here are the results., maybe this information will help. Anyone own an SGI 320 that’s using GTKRadiant and Quake, help is appreciated.

OpenGL Test LogFile Vs. 1/19/03 1:21:13 PM

OS: Windows NT Workstation
Version: v4.0Service Pack 4 (Build 1381)
Processor: GenuineInte6(unknown) (unknown)5
Screen Resolution: 1024x768

PixelFormat -SW #9
Flags 1125

Flag DoubleBuffer (H1) - Required : TRUE
Flag DrawToWindow (H4) - Required : TRUE
Flag OpenGLSupport (H20) - Required : TRUE

Flag GenericFormat (&H40) : TRUE
Flag GenericAccelerated (&H1000) : FALSE
OpenGL Implementation (H40/H1000):

Color Buffer: 32 Bits
Depth Buffer: 32 Bits

Renderer: GDI Generic
Version: 1.1.0
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
(This means use of OpenGL software)

GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture

General Tests:
Multiple Access: OK (#9)
Point Size: OK (#9)
Text Output: OK (#9)
Rendering: OK (#9)
Line Drawing: OK (#9)
Hidden Lines: OK (#9)
Colour Access: OK (#9)
Colour Float: OK (#9)
Grey Float: OK (#9)
Display Lists: OK (#9)
Big Lists: OK (#9)
Zoom: OK (#9)
Interaction: OK (#9)
QuadView [0] : ERROR

Flag Stereo (&H2) : FALSE
Flag DrawToBitmap (&H8) : FALSE
Flag SupportGDI (&H10) : FALSE
Flag NeedPalette (&H2) : FALSE
Flag NeedSystemPalette (&H8) : FALSE
Flag SwapExchange (&H10) : FALSE
Flag SwapCopy (&H2) : TRUE
Flag SwapLayerBuffers (&H8) : FALSE
Flag SupportDirectDraw (&H10) : FALSE
Flag Color (&H10) : FALSE

Driver: SGI sgcoicd.dll

VB DLL Error: 127 - 1282, SetDCPixelFormat ExtenderHdc