Severe Framerate Issues

I’m having a heck of time trying to figure out what’s wrong with my system. About a month ago, before I reinstalled my entire Windows 98SE operating system, OpenGL was working perfectly. Now, I’ve reinstalled everything, including the most recent drivers available for my video card, and for some bizzare reason I’m getting seconds per frame in my OpenGL apps instead of frames per second!

It’s not the DVA issue, I’ve checked, my second monitor is disabled when this happens so it’s not a multi-monitor issue, and I know it’s not my hardware because Direct3D apps run fine.

To demonstrate, here’s some benchmarks for a game I have installed called JDoom, as it can opperate in either Direct3D or OpenGL mode. If you try to run it with software OpenGL it gets mad at you unless you set a special flag to allow it to software render, so I know I’m running in hardware mode.

Anywhoo, here’s my benchmarks:

Direct3D -> 103 FPS average @ 1152x864x16
OpenGL -> 2 FPS average @ 320x200x16

Before I reinstalled Windows OpenGL was working fine so I’m at a loss in understanding what’s wrong.

My hardware:

  • A-Bit KG7-Lite Motherboard
  • 1Ghz AMD Athalon Thunderbird Processor
  • 256 MB DDR/SDRAM
  • 32MB ASUS V7700 Deluxe GeForce2/GTS Graphics Card (Primary, 4xAGP)
  • 32MB HIS M64 RIVA TNT2 Graphics Card (Secondary, PCI)
  • Standard Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live Audio Card

— Gemini