setup opengl environment

Hello, i just got this book “OpenGL SuperBible (third edition)” And im at a page where im gonna make my first simple app. Maybe some of you read this book, but it says to include “OpenGL.h”. I know that i dont have this file and i dont know if its on the cd. The reason why i havent looked on the cd yet is because i know i have to setup my OpenGL environment first. Im using msvc++, can anyone help me out so i can start programming OpenGL.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sure it’s on the CD as there is not OpenGL.h
file defined in the OpenGL API.

to get a window setup for OpenGL rendering check out this link:

happy OpenGLing :slight_smile:

I don’t have your book but I do have msvc++. I’m not sure why the book call for “openGL.h” because I usualy use “glut.h” here is a site where you can downlaod glut.h.(sorry about the length I searched it)…com%252F%257Ena te%252Fglut.html%26invocationType%3D-%26fromPage%3DnsBrowserRoll%26amp%3BampTest%3D1&

Thanks for the info. I also found out that the book includes it as OpenGL.h but i have to include it as OpenGLSB.h I found that a bit strange but i’ve found all the includes and libs i need. I already compiled my first blue window with glut. But thanks for the help, and NeHe’s site looks really intresting, thanks for that.

Your welcome.

ya and Nehe’s site is great I learned alot there. you can even download a pdf of tutorials. Very helpful