Setup OpenCL for completely heterogeneous implementation

I am new to the whole OpenCL bit, but I have done previous c++ programming as a Game Developer and am trying to use the c++ headers. I included them in my linker, under the right folder, meaning that they are included so that they fit this implementation: <OpenCL/opencl.h>, and then <CL/cl.h>

I am currently installing the new drivers for my videocard (Quadro NVS 135M) to see if that helped.

My problem is this: I keep getting linker errors saying that the functions themselves, clreleasecontext, clreleasecommandqueue, and various other “cl” functions are unresolved externals (LNK2019). I am using the code from the game of life example found here

Is there something else that I have to do to run the first implementation of opencl without NVidia or AMD SDKs?

EDIT: I have installed the NVidia Driver, and it is in the registry, but still no fix to the 19 unresolved externals

In addition to the headers, you must also link to the OpenCL library supplied with the NVidia GpuComputing SDK.

I do not want the SDK…that is why I posted this. You link to the library given to you by the driver…not the SDK