Setting up OpenGL Performer on MS Windows

Hi, I’m pretty a newbie in using performer.

Several days ago, I downloaded the windows version of performer, but I cannot compile sources included in it.

Compiled exe file works well, but even I can’t make a window !!

Is there any documents about environment setting or performer tutorials ??

There are some environment variables which must be setted during installation.
for ex:
PFROOT=D:\Program Files\Silicon Graphics\OpenGL Performer
And you must set environment variables for your compiler as well in order to compile examples with provided Makefiles.
I run cmd.exe in sample root directory, call vcvars32.bat for MSVC environment and just type nmake.exe

I did as you said. But I’d like to compile my project on Visual Studio.

If anybody knows all the environmental variables which the VC++ compiler has to know, please let me know.

Aren’t there really any tutorials of performer ???

There Getting Started Guide and Programmers guide preinstalled with Performer 3.0

I just add libpfdu-util.lib libpfui.lib libpf.lib libraries to the project and of course have to set new path to sources and libs in Developmant Environment.
You may need another libraries, but this is the way pf programs compiled on my machine.
I think env variables doesn’t matter in this case.

I think that you should to config your “include directories” and possibly to add the Performer libs to the project. That’s all and you’ll don’t have more linking errors.