Setting up OpenGL ( for VC++)

I am an experienced VC++ programmer and I want to start learning to combine OpenGL in
my Visual C++ project. It is not clear from
the OpenGL website whether I can get the OpenGL for developers from my Windows NT or can I download it from somewhere or is it a
CD i should buy from a dealer ?
How can I get it and how do i make my Visual Studio project recognise it ?
Help ! Thanks !

You have all you need in VC++.
#include <GL/gl.h>
link to opengl32.lib
That’s it.

You can download complete working examples from NeHe : (see OpenGL Tutorials; each has a VC++ project for download)

Another simple example is Display3DS .

Within the zip file is another zip file containing full sources.

Just expand that project zip file to a working directory (preserving the sub-directory structure) and double-click on the Display3DS.dsw workspace file to launch VC++ with all the correct settings, libraries, etc.

If you’re using vc++ v7.0 (i.e. .Net), make sure you also designate the Display3DS mainline as your ‘Startup Project’.

Then, just ‘Build’ the app and start tinkering.

Good luck,

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