Setting up GLUT skeleton in Borland 6.0


Does anyone of you know how to solve the above problem? My problem is primarily on the main() function which isn’t available in Borland 6.0 but available in MS Visual C++. I do not know where in Borland that I can put the function glutDisplayFunc() and to be able to use it succesfully. Appreciate for any respond or code.


In the project file ( project-> show source) you have your ‘main’ but… i dont really get the advantage of using glut and c++builder togheter… the main feature of glut is to create a window and that is exacly what the builder will do for you aswell.

Create a console project. A template containing the main function will be created for you.

I do not advise mixing the VCL with GLUT. I suspect that you will find them to be incompatible.