setting up fmod


This is proberbly very obvious but i’ve been trying to set up fmod for music playback (mp3’s etc).

  1. if i include the header file “wincompt.h”, it needs “unistd.h” and “termios.h” which i dont have / can’t find any advice or suggestions?

  2. even thought i’ve put the dll in every folder i can think of (project, debug, include, lib and system folder) i keep getting a “cant find object dll: (name of function i was trying to use)” error. Ive linked to the library in project-> settings so am not sure what else i can do?

Help please

cheers, Allan


On my site

“Download” section, I’ve a little example who initialise FMOD 3.33 under OpenGL. You can play MP3, WAV, …

if you´re compiling under windows, you MUST NOT include windowscomp.h, this header is there to call functions under linux so they are compatible with their windows counterparts!

for your second problem, just put the dll in your c:/windows/system folder. this should not have to do anything with library linking.

regards, eik

I’ve got the fmod dll in windows->system folder but i still get the error. I’m running a dos console application so do i still have to Not include <wincompat.h>?

thanks for the help


scrap the wincompat.h, as long as you are running your prog on windows / DOS you don´t need it, only for linux.

speaking of, i do have some trouble getting fmod to work under linux. it always throws lots of compiler syntax errors at me when processing fmod.h… has anyone some experience with fmod under linux?