Setting up Dev Env.

This is a stupid question, but i’ve never quite figured this out. I downloaded glut and im trying to set up MS VC6 to properly use it. I put the .libs from glut in the VC lib directory, the .h’s in the include dir, and the dlls in my windows/system dir. In my project i added glut32.lib to my links section. When i try to compile i get an error about an unresolved external _WinMain16@ or something like that, which im assuming has something to do with me not linking properly. I just realized that i never added the opengl32.lib, will this solve the problem or am i missing something else?

Normally you should create GLUT projects as console applications, rather than Windows applications. Looks like you created it as a Windows app, so the linker is looking for a WinMain function (which GLUT doesn’t define) instead of a main function (which it does).