Setting hardware acceleration

HI guys,

i am new to OpenGL and have not written any applications using it. But i worked prett much wiht windows GDI and directX and see that some times the performance is greatly improved if one switches the hardware acceleration off. i checked this one while making a screen capture utility application which saves the desktop events in the form of a movie. but it runs faster only when i switch off the hardware acceleration.

May i know how i can set the hardware acceleration to none in c++? I think there are utility functions in OpenGL but for the time sake i would like to try directly setting the windows props.

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Yes, certainly the glReadPixels() command performs much faster if you’re rendering in software, so if your application does lots of them relative to rendering operations, you’re better off in the software path.

Many devices allow you to disable hardware acceleration through the standard windows interface: Display Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot.

If you’re coding directly to WGL, you can programmatically request no hardware acceleration with PFD bits. I’m pretty sure PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT in dwFlags will do the trick.

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