setCharData for image init_from does not work


I have a technical question regarding a problem with the colladadom.

I was navigating on the webpage and am not quite sure if this is the place to ask such a question. If it is not please tell me where should I ask it.

My problem is using the function setCharData() for a daeElement* of the type init_from.

So the code is declare an imagelib, then an image, then the init_from

daeElement* imageLib = root->add(“library_images”);
daeElement* image = imageLib->add(“image”);
image->setAttribute(“id”, “img”);
daeElement* init_from = image->add(“init_from”);

Then, I just use function setCharData to give the uri to the image file, called texture.bmp


In the export.cpp, you have a similar more compacted example at line 194


The problem is that the setCharData does not work for the init_from (it works for other atributes, no problem). The xml file shows nothing in the init_from

<image id=“img” name=“myimage”>

Since I know the function return a daeBool, I can do the following

printf(“result of adding char data %d
“, init_from->setCharData(”…/texture.bmp”))

And the result is 0 (it fails, this is why I don’t see anything in the xml)

Then I used the hasCharData function

printf("result of adding char data %d
", init_from->hasCharData())

And the result is 0 also, meaning that the atribute init_from does not allow charData as is suggested in the export example.

Can you help me with this problem?

Best regards


I am sorry but no one has answered this post.

Can somebody help me with this?

Its important for me.

Thank you


Hi Miguel,

why don’t you use oid setValue( const xsIDREF &val ) of the class domFx_surface_init_from_common_complexType?

It is uncommon to work on the base class daeElement, but to use the specialized classes. If you created the init_from class the way you, you can cast with daeSafeCast to domFx_surface_init_from_common_complexType. The cast should work because of the meta-class-system in the COLLADADOM.

Then you have to create an xsIDREF to your source file that can be set through setValue().

Hope this helps.


Hi Steffen

Thanks for the answer.

Is it possible to ask you for a little piece of code to exemplify the solution you suggest?

I mean, I am not a colladadom expert, the code I show is just from a colladadom example and it does not work.



Hi Miguel,

daeDocument doc = …
domCOLLADA domRoot = daeSafeCast<domCOLLADA>( doc.getDomRoot() );
// creating the library
libImages = daeSafeCast<domLibrary_images>(domRoot->createAndPlace(COLLADA_ELEMENT_LIBRARY_IMAGES));

// and so on.
for every Element in the XSL there is a class in the COLLADADOM the represents all the methods for accessing and setting the data.