set mouse coord

I’m using GLUT + win98 + Borland C++ Builder 5

Hi Does anyone know if GLUT API contains a call to reset the mouse coord to some x,y position ??.
I need to allow continuous 360 degree viewer rotation ala Quake. I’ve tried embedding _asm stuff but it freaks the OS out and crashes.

Try using directinput… it’s better to rule

Try GLFW , it’s better to kick ass

glfwDisable( GLFW_MOUSE_CURSOR )

gives you an “infinite” mouse range (range +/- 2^31). If that is not enough, use

glfwSetMousePos( 0, 0 )

…every now and then.

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Thanks bebbr

I don’t really know what directinput is bu I will look into it, I assume it is a function in the GLUT api ??


Cheers marcus256, I will check this out for sure. Would I be right in saying that it is an alternative to glut. Anyway I will do some reading.

Thanks again


Ive tried using Direct input but have several probs,
How do i hide the mouse
and How do i reset the mouse to a fixed pos like 0,0?