Set clip plane background

How may I bind a texture onto the clip planes to set a fixed background around my model ?

You cannot “bind” a texture to user or frustum clip planes. You can only draw textures onto geometry you send.
Please rephrase your question describing what you want to draw.

I need the fastest way to draw something to use as a background into my scene without adding any new object inside, thus leaving my model alone.

For example: If I’m moving a TIE FIGHTER into the space and I have a deep space bitmap, I’d like to use it as background without using a sphere bound with it and then moving the tie inside the same sphere.

I hope this clarify better my problem ;>

You could set up an ortho projection and render a quad the size of the screen, tiling a nice space texture across it. Draw that first, then draw your spaceship.

Old GLman

How about a skybox using cube maps?


Could you give me more details about skybox? I never used it before.