Seriously messed up textures in mohaa...

When I try to play MOHAA, this is what I see:

Everything is black and yellow, but apart from that, the game works just fine.
Anyone who’s got any clue as to why it looks like this?
I’ve tried reinstalling the game at least ten times and I’ve tried every possible graphics setting. Always with the exact same result. And my other games are running without trouble.



my graphics arewsame way but at first i had an open gl problem but i installed a program to fix that then i try to start the game and thats what happens

this is starting to piss me off

How do you know the textures aren’t supposed to look like that? It’s kind of like the Tasty Wheat thing in The Matrix.

i ave playdmohaa o myaunts com untill itrkebcase i couldnt play it on mie but now i fixed mine and the textures arereally meese up if itsssposed tblike that then how to i turn that off