Serious OpenGL problems.

Whenever i run a game that uses the Quake3 Engine (Quake 3, Elite Force, Jedi Outcast, Doom 3), my screen vibrates rapidly from side to side. The mouse and gameplay are fine, sound is fine too. Just the video, and just at full screen mode. If i play windowed it is fine. Can anyone let me know if this is an OpenGL problem? All drivers are updated, Chipset, Video, Windows, Sounds, etc…
I’ve been dealing with the software producers, they tell me it is an opengl problem.
I’m running Windows 2000, NVidia GF4. I have some opengl setting in my display options, but i’ve tried most of them and still nothing. If anyone can steer me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a monitor problem.

Most likley the horizontal refresh rate is bigger then what your monitor can handle.

Do you use some kind of “refresh rate fix” or force the refresh rate to a certaín value?

Monitor problem? Hmmn, i’m pretty sure i’ve tried every combination possible. Basically, games run at 60hz, and windows 2000 does not have an “Optimal Refresh Rate” tab, so i tried using a third party refresh rate lock tool. I tried locking the refresh at 60hz, and a few other combos to no avail. I’m running my Windows at 85hz and 1280x960. I’m pretty stumped. Any ideas or combinations i should try? Thanx alot…

Doom3 isn’t based on the Quake3 engine.

If it’s a OpenGL problem, then the problem lies either with the game code, or with your drivers since OpenGL support is delivered with your display drivers.

Have you tried running in different resolutions? It’s possible that by running in the (kind of) strange desktop setting of 1280x960 that your display operates at some unusual refresh rate. I’d try other resolutions for fullscreen since you say it runs fine in a window.