Separating Specular Color

According to the programming guide for version 1.3 of OpenGL, page 200, the calculation of the specular color may be separated from the calculation of the primary color, and applied after texturing, with the call:
but this command does not seem to be supported, nor does it appear in the reference guide.
Is there something I am missing here? Thanks.

See this extension:

Should just work if it’s in the spec and your graphics driver reports the proper version number.

There’s also the predecessor in form of an extension.

Most famous test is to draw a black and white checker texture on a specularly lit sphere. With the secondary color you should see a highlight in the blck fields, too.

(Oh, perfect double post on the minute!)

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It is so irritating that the secondary colour can’t be used in texture environments. So much simple multipass stuff could be done in a single pass.