Senior Project Ideas?

Hey guys, this is my last year in school and I have to do a senior project. I would love to do something OpenGL because I love but I can’t think of any good ideas to use. Could you possibly think of anything that would be fun and intersting to do? Maybe a game or simulator of some sort.

base a game on your school… that would be good remembering thing for you and the teacher too


Ya that would be sweet. Make a .map file viewer and make a map of your school. Then from there do some simple engine stuff where you can walk around and view some cool OpenGL effects, maybe like perpixel stuff and moody shadows.


Maybe come up with a kickasre shadow system that looks good, is correct, and flexible! (ie. DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!)

Oh, and is FAST!

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If you get some time over and want to investigate in some improvements on today’s 3D-gfx (NOTE: this is only a suggestion ), try to make autonomous character animation. I think this is the only thing that makes me think new games are all the same as the old ones, you always see static animations…
Anyway, that school-project seems fun, perhaps it’ll be enough

Are you a senior in high school or college? What are the guidelines for this project?

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Personally, I think some of the most interesting stuff about graphics is the programmability.

Go to nvidia’s and ati’s site. Very cool stuff there. Visit siggraph page (a lot of great ideas materials there)

Maybe you won’t have time to produce some super game but making a tiny demo with a big wow factor will be better.