selection buffer

hi - i’m trying to learn about the selection buffer, and i’ve copied the code from the super-bible on the subject, and inserted it into my program. and i want to identify a cube in the middle of the screen. everything works, except the program “thinks” that the cube is higher than it actually is. i made sure to call gluPerspective while processing the selection and the only other thing i can think of is that the cube is translated a few units on the +x and +z axes. obviously, the selection_mode is not producing a true mapping of the scene. do i have to “tell” opengl that the cube is translated? or does this make a difference? or does anyone else have an idea that i could try to get this to work properly? thanks for any help

(0,0) is at the bottom left of the scren not the top left. i have a selection example on my site if it helps

yeah that would be cool, what is your site?

look at his profile