Selecting video port on graphics card

does anyone know how to change resolution as well as the video output port. i already know how to change the resolution. but, i’d like to change the video output aloso.

i have one port connected to a projector, the other to a kvm switch (nv 59xx and 6800 cards). i’d like to use code to switch my openGL app between the two outputs.


This should be documented by your computer user’s manual.

If you want to programmatically change the outputs, you would have to open the appropriate display driver on your operating system, and use whatever control calls are defined to configure the driver. This varies by OS (and, sometimes, by driver vendor).

None of it has anything to do with OpenGL, so forums of support might include:

  • your computer manual
  • The Windows DDK documentation (on MSDN)
  • The Linux driver sources
  • Apple’s developer documentation
  • NVIDIA, Intel and ATI developer relations