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I have a windows 7 64 bits machine, and need OpenGl 1.3. My machine presently provides 1.1 only, even though I have a GeForce 1050TI graphics card with the latest driver (should support 4.5). I researched this problem and did not find any useful solution. So I thought maybe I should upgrade my OS to Windows 10 64bits. Will this help?

No, you need to figure out why the driver isn’t working.

If this is a case of an application complaining that you only have OpenGL 1.1, it means that it’s using Windows’ software fallback rather than the version that’s provided by nVidia’s drivers.

If this is your own code, bear in mind that opengl32.dll only exports the 1.1 API directly. For anything else, you need to retrieve the function pointers with wglGetProcAddress(), or use a library such as GLEW to do this for you.

A good first port of call is to cross-check with the OpenGL Extensions Viewer:

This will do a fairly deep probe of your OpenGL capabilities and confirm whether or not higher versions of OpenGL are available. As GClements said, there are two primary reasons why they might not be, and using something like the Extensions Viewer can help narrow down which of those two you’re encountering.

Thank you both for your kind help.
During my research of the problem, I encountered OpenGL Extensions Viewer and installed it. Unfortunately, it crashes on my machine before having a chance to produce something useful. I have tried both glview 505 and 509, they both crash. Maybe this fact by itself is a clue?

Does it give any specific error message when it crashes, and if so, what is the text of the error message? These things are helpful for diagnosing possible causes.

If this helps, I have run GLEW 2.1.0. It says that “GL_version_1_1” is OK. everythng else is missing.
Another detail, the machine in subject does not have a monitor or a keyboard. Everything is done remotely over the intranet.

It says “OpenGL Extensions Viewer has stopped working.”

Via Windows Remote Desktop? This is a known limitation of Remote Desktop - you’ll never get OpenGL higher than the built-in 1.1 software version.

It would have been useful, and saved other people’s time, if you’d said this from the outset.

I am deeply sorry, mhagain. Please accept my apology.

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