See my new german OpenGL site!

Hi there…
Have a look on my new OpenGL Site where i have been posted some Engine Demos of my DoeMox engine!

Some tutorials will be addet soon (Multitexturing, Multiplayer, Writing Functions, Use the Clipboard)

say me how you find the design and what i should add!

ah… and i have got an OpenGL Forum too… so please post something there if you want to ask me!

here is the link:

Hi MofuX

I have visit your Site, nice design, but a little bit slow, a some links doesn’t work (for example the Forum Link, and the Tutorial Link).

The XP Style, looks very cool…

hi, the tutorial work doesn’t work because there are no tutorials… but the forum link should work for your…
as i read this i asked a few friends to get into my forum and everythink is gone all right… try it again mate… the tutorials will follow later, because i want to have some time to make really understandable tutorials… like the nehe ones

thanks for your reply